The general purpose of this workshop is to bring together spinal cord MRI researchers and clinicians from around the world, discuss the technical issues and the new challenges to overcome over the next years related to spinal MRI acquisition and processing, and come up with collaborative solutions.

This year’s workshop will focus on presenting results of the Spinal Cord Generic MRI Protocol, for which ~35 sites worldwide participated in a publicly-available database of high-quality quantitative MRI data.

09:30 Introduction
09:45 Power pitch (3-min presentation of spinal cord related ISMRM abstract)
10:30 Results of the generic protocol (part 1)
11:00 Coffee break + pastries
11:15 Results of the generic protocol (part 2)
12:00 General discussion: What’s next on the spinal cord MRI horizon?
12:30 Complimentary lunch

Live Broadcasting

For those who could not attend the meeting, it was broadcasted live and recorded.

Minutes of the meeting


Julien Cohen-Adad, Alexandru Foias

Supported by

Polytechnique Montreal Siemens GE Biospective RBIQ/QBIN Spinal Research Wings for Life