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Note: This workshop is scheduled to be held in a “hybrid” format. Some speakers will present in-person (at the Martinos Center) while others may present virtually. Attendees are welcomed to attend in-person or virtually. For detailed information about the schedule of the workshop (including which of the talks will be held in-person), please visit the Martinos Center website.

The Martinos Spinal Cord Workshop is designed for researchers and clinicians who are interested in using MRI to study the human spinal cord. Imaging the spinal cord entails a number of complications compared to whole-brain imaging: the cord is a thin, flexible, 3-dimensional organ surrounded by pulsating cerebrospinal fluid and a complex vertebral structure. We hope to spare you various pitfalls and failures based upon our many years of experience in spinal cord imaging.


  • Robert Barry, PhD
  • Robert Savoy, PhD